Atmosphere Deluxe

Atmosphere Deluxe 7.1

Listen to a wide variety of sounds from the nature

Hear the waves or the sounds made by a burning fire directly on your PC's speakers or headphones. Choose between different variations of each sound, change the volume as well as the looping interval, and mix multiple sounds together.

Atmosphere Deluxe 6.1 is a white noise playback and recording utility. The application comes preloaded with a slew of nature sounds. Those sounds are the mainly the sounds that one would consider white noise. They are often used for relaxation and meditation. The sounds range from several types of rains to wildlife in India. For every type of sound, there are different variations. For example, there is a campfire sound, emulating a slow fire's sound, then, there is a cracking fire, which sounds more like a large fire. For every sound, you can change the volume and preset intervals in which the sound will go from the left speaker to the right one, and vice versa. What is good is that you can mix any number of sounds together, and by playing with their volume outputs, you get to create a constant sound, which is highly customizable. You can also import sounds from an audio CD or even record your own sounds. Once you do record them, you can move them to the custom listing of sounds, where you can play with their settings.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of sounds
  • Inbuilt recording capabilities
  • Nice and clean interface
  • Lots of playback options


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